Tips On How To Easily Downsize Your Home

It is a fact that moving has never been that easy. It needs a lot of planning and preparation. One of the most difficult tasks to do is to downsize your house. This task needs planning for you to save time and energy. Below is a list of tips that serves as a guide for you to do as preparation for downsizing.


Remove all the clutter and garbage that you have inside. Throw away all things that you don’t need any more like broken electronics. You can also contact a public storage in Orlando, Florida where you can keep your clothes that you’re never going to wear during the season.


Clean your car and get rid of those things that you may hoard inside your car. Check all areas in your car such as the seats and the trunk.

Throw away everything that is useless.


Can you use it? Do you really need it? There are some things that you actually need and some that are just displayed in the space in the shelves, drawers and racks in our home and these only collect dust and nothing more. So these are clearly useless so you don’t need to pay to move all of those things. So every item that you see inside your house, you need to think whether it’s really a must for you. Anything that is broken and can never be useful shall be thrown away.

Be honest with yourself.


There are things that are very valuable to you which hold an emotional value like gifts from your loved ones. Those can be souvenirs or some practical things like clothes. With this, if you really care about those things and they make your life better and happy then pack them and take them with you.

Do you have enough space?


Make a floor plan of your next home. Estimate the spaces of each item so that you can decide early which cannot be included. After that, ask yourself if what should you do with the things that you don’t need to include in your move but still they are in a good condition.

There are a lot of things that you can do with those items. You may not need them but others may. Try to organize a moving sale and sell whatever you can. Separate kids’ clothes and shoes, and toys then donate to an orphanage. If you still want to keep some things but you don’t have enough space for them in your new house then you can contact a public storage instead.

Here’s a video about downsizing tips:

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