Tips For Moving To Smaller House

Imagine putting all of your stuff such as clothes, pairs of shoes, tools, and gadgets in a mountain of huge boxes. It will get you thinking how you will be able to fit all of those if you move to a smaller house. If you think this will be the next stage of your life, do not despair. Although changes can be difficult, they are usually for the better. Perhaps the time has come in which you need to downsize. For some reason, you want a lot of things, but you know you will not use them. With organization and proper decision-making, you will have a successful move to your new smaller home.

This article will present some tips to make your move much easier. For starters, remember some of these tips may not apply to you but it always good to know them in case you will need them.

Learn to say goodbye

If you are the type of person who gains emotional attachment to things that you use, it can be difficult to discard the objects that accompanied you throughout your life. Some things might remind you of your travels, loved ones and special moments, so keeping those things means a lot. However, it can also happen that just out of habit, you let those things accumulate year after year, taking up space and making it difficult to clean. Moving is a great time to select the things that you want to keep and need to be discarded. Also, it can be an incredible opportunity to change the style of your surroundings. Lessening your items to move will make it easier for your apartment movers to transfer your things.

While some decisions can be heartbreaking, they have to be done for the better. They will give you more space to start a new, more comfortable life that suits your future needs and environment.

When you make the decision, remember that more space means a better quality of life. But what can you do with those things that are still useful? Let’s find out.

Transform what you already have

Put your skills with crafts into practice so you can fix and restore objects that can still serve you or others who might be interested in the item. Perhaps you have an unused chair simply because it has a broken leg. Simple work with hammer, nail and some paint can fix it.

With two trestles and a plank, you can easily put together a handy table for the patio or your living room. You’ll be able to transform what you already have to something that you need for your new home without spending much money. The other option is to sell what you restored or modified. In my experience, it is easier for movers near me to provide an estimate on moving cost if there are fewer things to move.

Garage Sale

Open up a garage sale in your home few weeks before moving. Clean objects and place them on the counter and shelves that look good. Put a label on each item with its price and description. Decorate the space and do not forget a cheerful music to create a pleasant atmosphere.

You can offer some promotions or discount to attract more attention. Invite all your acquaintances, friends, neighbors and family via email or any social network. Facebook events are a very good option to encourage you to visit.

Sell them online

There are different ways in which you can sell your stuff easily and safely. The first step is to photograph them, making sure they are not out of focus or blurry and have striking and defined colors. After that, you must decide which website are you going to publish it according to the type of product you are selling. You have numerous options regardless of where you live; the web connects us all. You can try on Craiglist, Ebay, or Esty. Another option is to use social networks to communicate to your contacts what you’re offering. Sales through these means are pretty common and convenient because you don’t have to personally meet with the buyer. You can easily complete the transaction with shipping and electronic transaction.

Donate to charity

Moving to a new home is a good time to determine what you need. You can donate your things that are in good condition, but you no longer use. There will always be someone who will put those things to a better use and will be more than thankful for it. You need to prepare the item so that it can be used by the next person to use it. For clothes, wash it and iron it, if they are toys make sure they are not broken. Do not forget that what you give, will somehow always return to you. It is a good practice to start your new life by giving a helping hand to someone else.

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