10 Simple Steps in Packing Heavy Items

Handling heavy items is one of the daunting tasks when moving. There are some risks when packing heavy items so you need to think of some steps that can ease the difficulties. This article will show you 10 simple steps.

The wisest way for you to do when planning to move is to contact a mover for a quote. This saves your time and effort. Asking for an assistance from professional movers will make your moving preparation easier and the risks are much smaller than if packing is done by people without much experience in moving. On the other hand, if you still choose to pack heavy items yourself, below are 10 simple steps.


  1. Make sure to have an appropriate packing material. Take note that heavy items are not always unbreakable. Using the appropriate packing materials is very crucial so that packing items that are fragile needs a different way of packing which will keep them safe.
  2. You need to wrap all the items very well. Bubble wrap or any other packing material can be use as long as it helps to make the items safe on board. You can put a thicker layer of packing materials if needed especially if it’s a heavy item. Make sure not to use thin moving tape or masking tape. It cannot hold some heavy items.
  3. You can put heavy items in a sound cardboard box because this can hold their weight.
  4. Use a strong extra padding between two heavy boxes.
  5. To fill in the empty space if there’s any, you can use bubble wrap, packing peanuts or pieces of cardboard. Do not use crumpled newsprint or crumpled packing paper because it will compress thus, cannot provide protection to your items inside the box.
  6. Always mark boxes with fragile items inside and write down “this side up” because this help gets the moving process easier.
  7. Calculate the possible maximum of weight that your box can handle. It is not advisable to have boxes that are too heavy because it might have some health risk.
  8. Make sure to distribute the weight between boxes. Heavy items should be placed at the center of the box and put some cushioning material around the box for protection.
  9. Get a moving company to have an assistance if you will be packing items with a weight that is more than 80 lbs. Pallets may be used in this scenario.
  10. Don’t forget to have your moving insurance.

Packing Tips For Fragile Items

Your electronics, jewelry and appliances can get bumped easily during their transport. With this, it is very important to know how they should be packed properly for maximum protection. Hiring a moving company is also advisable when you don’t have much time and professional packing to your items is guaranteed. However if you wanted to do the packing by yourself then below are helpful packing tips for your fragile items to be safe when moving.

Always label all your boxes

This is very important to protect all your fragile items. Put the label “fragile” to any box that needs an extra caution. With this, movers will transport a fragile item more gentle and place it in an area that is more protected.


Wrap all your glass or ceramic dishes

Glass and ceramic dishes should be protected by using a bubble wrap. If you are in a tight budget, you may use clothing and towels instead. Clean socks can also be used as extra padding. This way, you are also packing your clothes and ceramic dishes at the same time.

bubble wrap

If you use bubble wrap, make sure you wrap all your items with the bubbles facing out, away from the object. This ensure that the bubbles will not leave any marks on the glass.

Make sure to pack plates vertically

Packing your plates vertically into boxes with padding separating each other will be less likely to break than just stacking them on top of another.

Protect your cosmetic items

Your powders and bronzers are broken easily and may cracked if it will accidentally be dropped during the moving process. Use an extra cotton pad into your powder cosmetics to protect them from breaking.


Item’s original box should be used if available

Make sure to use the original box of any appliances if they are still available. If you don’t have each appliance’s box, make sure that you will be using boxes which are slightly bigger than the item inside.

Take Photos

Photos of your boxes are very helpful in case they’ll be lost or stolen in the moving process. Make sure to take pictures of all your valuables before you move.

How To Choose A Stress Free Moving Company

Before you formally start packing, decide all the items that you really need and use. You must look around, make a list, and decide the items that you really need then arrange a garage sale or give your excess clothes to charity. After clearing out those excess items, you can plan your moving day carefully. Make sure to move on a sunny day because it is much stressful to move during a rainy day. You can prevent water damage to your boxes as well. In line with this, asking for an assistance from a moving company makes your move more efficient.


There are some things that you need to do before booking a moving company. Below are some simple steps on how to choose a stress-free moving company.

Research three moving companies and read reviews about them. Make sure to pick three moving companies with good moving reviews and reputation. Booking a moving company with good reviews guarantees a stress-free moving experience.

Look for a  moving company that is licensed. Do not deal with unlicensed movers. Booking an unlicensed mover might cause you a lot of troubles and delays.

Look for a moving company that is insured as well. You can buy moving insurance from most professional moving companies. Your most expensive items are all covered.

Check if the moving company is a BBB mover. Contact your local Better Business Bureau and check if there are any complaints against that moving company.

If you are done looking for three moving companies that are licensed, insured and there are no complaints against them, then you may start calling them and request for free moving estimates. You should not pick the lowest moving estimate and make sure to consider other factors like their tools, manpower and track record when making your final decision.

After selecting your moving company, make sure to ask in advance about their packing supplies. You can request for their supplies price list and then decide if you let them do the packing of all your items to be moved or if you’ll do it by yourself.